A business address with a local telephone number that is answered in the name of your business can have a very positive impact on your business. A virtual office will give you the ability to run your business from a variety of locations while simultaneously enhancing the image of your business by providing you with a business address on Merchant Drive in Richmond, KY. Sharicom Workspace® can manage telephone calls, message handling, mail and packages while you focus on business growth. It is a very cost-efficient approach to obtain a business address.

For many businesses, customers can come from various regions across the Commonwealth and the United States and it would be cost prohibitive to set-up up a physical office in every major business center in Kentucky. However, for many businesses, a local address and access to office space is important to be able to attract customers and to convince them that you have a local presence, since many customers are leery of conducting business with a company that does not have a local presence.

This is the reason it is important for you to have a prime address and professional office services, virtually if possible. However, you should not arbitrarily choose a virtual office from the many you find online.

Virtual Offices

Virtual offices can be obtained with an array of different services depending upon the needs of your business. Certainly, additional services will add to the cost. Normally, at a minimum you will get a business address, with a business telephone number and a telephone answering service along with a service for forwarding mail. Quite often, businesses also obtain the following services.

  • Reception services
  • Access to shared and fully equipped conference rooms, training rooms, boardrooms, and meeting rooms.
  • Arbitration and mediation services and room
  • Photocopying, printing and additional administrative services
  • Catering service that is flexible and affordable

Virtual Office Services

With a virtual office space, you generally are not be required to make a large security deposit or sign a long term contract and you are able to set-up a business presence very quickly, usually within one day or even less.

  • Conference space and boardrooms can even be booked on an hourly basis, when needed.
  • Additional Services Available With Your Virtual Office
  • Office equipment – copiers, printers, computers, faxes
  • High end infrastructure – high speed internet and telephone services
  • Pay only when you use options
  • Lobby and lounge services
  • Free advertising
  • HR and admin services
  • Flexible catering services
  • Professional call answering

A virtual office is much more than simply renting an office or coworking, it is a way to reduce expenses and have a professional image at the same time. One can now choose to rent on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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